Thank you so much to the officer (Officer Torres) who made my boys' day this morning! They got "pulled over" while biking to school (with their helmets on!).


What the officer didn't know is that they were meeting me at the front of the school to walk their little brother with disabilities to class, like they do every day (missing part of their morning recess to do so). Biking to school was a big treat for them today, it's not something that works out for them to do very often. They were so excited to get to bike together I don't think they even noticed the cold temperatures or the rain that started halfway through their ride. Then to get to meet a police offer who showed them such kindness--well, they could barely contain themselves when we met up. 


Thank you to the officer who made a couple great kids have the best morning ever! And thank you to the whole department for being such a positive presence in our community. I am thankful for your service and sacrifice.