Request Copy of Police Report


To obtain a copy of an accident or police report, the requester must complete our Public Records Request Form available at the police department or online by clicking the link above.

It may take up to three (3) business days to process, excluding holidays.

To obtain a copy of an unredacted traffic accident report, you must be listed as the driver, passenger, or an authorized representative of the people listed in the report or someone filing a claim.

To obtain a copy of a property or person crime report, you must provide a case number or other information to assist in identifying the incident. The report may be released if it is not under investigation or restricted.

There’s no charge for police reports under the following conditions:

  • The request is under 100 copies on paper no larger than 8 ½” x 11" (Note: There is a 100 copy threshold per calendar year per person)
  • No research or redaction is required
  • Less than two hours of copying or records oversight by personnel

Law enforcement agencies may request records, for official purposes, without filling out a request form. An email request can be sent directly to or faxed to 208-777-2249.  The Department's Records Custodian is Laura Claffey, she can be reached at

Special Note: When completing a records request online, requester must be using Internet Explorer to open the form directly online, complete, and click to automatically submit via email to the police department. If using Google Chrome it won’t work.

An alternative when using either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, requesters can open then save the blank form to their desktop (or anywhere they choose on their personal computer’s hard drive). Once saved, they can open, complete, and click to submit automatically via email to the police department.

Another alternative, requesters can save the form to a PC as described above, complete, and re-save with all the necessary data. Then, attach the complete form as a PDF in an email to the police department at

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