Victim Services Unit

The Victim Services Unit (VSU) provides support and resources to ALL victims of crime with specialization in domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse cases. VSU is staffed with two full-time crime victim advocates who are available through a 24-hr Crisis Line at 208-773-1080.

In addition to crime victim advocates, VSU is supported by a program director, Captain Mark Brantl and  Detectives from the Post Falls Police Department who have received specialized training in investigating domestic violence and sexual assault cases.

Our crime victim advocates provide information and referrals for crime victim compensation, support groups, legal aid, personal safety, and emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. They also provide community outreach and education to local businesses and schools.

For more information, call the crisis line or Post Falls Police Department at 208-773-3517.

Victim Services brochure (PDF)

Victim Services Public Service Announcement (PSA)

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