Special Operations and SWAT

Commanded by Captain Pat Knight, SWAT is comprised of 13 members, which includes a two-man sniper element and two members from the Rathdrum Police Department. The team also has two emergency communications officers to work the command trailer during incidents.

SWAT members attend Basic SWAT School after being selected to the team. SWAT is trained and equipped to handle and resolve incidents exceeding the capabilities of first responders. These high-risk incidents may include hostage taking, barricaded suspects, snipers, and terrorist acts.

SWAT goes through an annual training needs assessment along with monthly training and scenario-based training, which must be documented. They have assisted other local SWAT units on long, drawn-out incidents. In 2014, SWAT responded to three high-risk incidents, including assistance to the U.S. Marshals Service in apprehending a dangerous wanted subject.

SWAT-robotIn 2014, SWAT obtained a Multi-functional Agile Remote Controlled Robot Version IV-N through a grant, which we refer to as Wall-E. The robot is capable of remote optical inspection of potential Improvised Explosive Devices and suspicious objects and suspects. The robot is simplistic in nature and controlled by a rugged laptop computer and Xbox game controller. SWAT also purchased two additional GoPro cameras for the robot and mounted them on the unit to improve functionality.

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