Post Falls District Map

What is Community Policing?
It is the assigning of the same one or two policemen to a particular area so that they become familiar with the residents and the residents with them, as a way of reducing crime. District Contact Supervisors are available to help solve problems that impact your neighborhoods.

What is the Goal of Community Policing?
The goal of Community Oriented Policing is to identify and pursue common goals through problem identification; problem solving; interactive communications; creating standards to improve the standards of living in our neighborhood.

By fulfilling these goals, we form relationships with our neighbors and local police to facilitate building a strong coalition to affect change.

By forming a coalition, we can work together to stop crime before it happens and take control over the quality of life in our neighborhood.

How to Contact your District Supervisor?
E-mail is the best way to contact your District Supervisor. Use the map below to identify your District Supervisor.

Click map below for larger image.


Sgt. G. James District 1
Sgt. M. Brantl District 2
Sgt. K. Rosenau District 1 & 2
(Will assist in both)
Sgt. J. Anderson District 3
Sgt. J. Mealer District 4
Sgt. S. Harmon District 3 & 4
(Will assist in both)

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