Police Dogs for Patrol and Detection

Post Falls Police K9 program was created in 2009 to provide professionally trained and highly-motivated K9 teams to respond to critical incidents and utilized for illegal drug interdiction.

In addition, they provide a clear deterrent to resistive suspects with intent to assault, evade, or escape. Our K9 teams also assist other local law enforcement agencies upon their availability. In 2011, K9 expanded with two multi-purpose police dog teams.

K9-004The two K9 teams are Senior Patrol Officer Frank Bowne with Police Service Dog (PSD) Koda and Senior Patrol Officer Cody Robertson with PSD Andor. Senior Patrol Officer Robertson was selected to fill a K9 handler position vacated in May. He attended a K9 school in California and graduated in July. Our K9 teams continuously train to perform at the highest level. This year, they completed an estimated 507 hours of training in patrol tactics, narcotics detection, tracking, and evidence recovery.

K9-003In 2014, the three highest number of K9 calls for service were related to business and residential alarms, perimeter and building searches, and narcotics detection.

During multiple basic traffic stops, our police dogs detected marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine. The teams assisted the North Idaho Violent Crimes Task Force (NIVCTF) with the capture of three felony suspects.

K9-001Our K9 teams benefit the department and Post Falls citizens by being a force multiplier to detect hidden suspects. In some cases, the presence of a K9 team will convince suspects to surrender. They reduced the hours it took patrol officers to search buildings, and their presence improved officer safety.

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