Department Services

Post Falls Police Department provides several public services to our community’s citizens including bicycle licenses, online payments, medication disposal, prowl checks, public records requests, special needs identification book, traffic school, vacation checks, VIN inspections, and phone calls to senior citizens.

  • Bicycle Licenses
  • E-Pay Service
  • Medication Turn-in Program
  • Public Records Requests
  • Special Needs Book
  • Vacation Checks
  • VIN Inspections
  • You Are Not Alone Program
  • Community Room

Bicycle Licenses

By registering bicycles with a unique license number, it’s faster and easier for law enforcement personnel to determine and locate the rightful owner when bikes are lost or stolen then found.

Free bicycle licenses are issued by the police department during normal business hours Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. You must bring the bike you want to license with you. After a short application is completed and the bike’s serial number verified, a decal is affixed to the bicycle.

E-pay Online Payment Service

The PFPD Online Store is a fast, secure, and convenient way to make an electronic payment for citations, licenses, and department services using your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card with a 2.95% convenience fee applied to all transactions. The fee is charged by a third-party provider. The City of Post Falls does not retain any portion.

We currently accept online payments for animal citations and licenses, donations, parking citations, traffic safety education course, and VIN inspections. To proceed, click here.

Uniform citations are payable to Kootenai County government at the courthouse or online

Medication Turn-in Program

Removing unwanted and unused drugs from home medicine cabinets eliminates the potential for accidental ingestion and helps prevent the contamination of our local aquifer.

A secure medication disposal bin is located inside the lobby of the police department. Prescription and over-the-counter medications can be turned in without removing the label or from the original container. Ointments, lotions, liquids, and inhalers are accepted. Please no needles, aerosol, or thermometers. All medication is destroyed by an approved incineration.

Public Records Requests

Per Idaho statute, every person has a right to examine and take a copy of any public record of the state, which includes crime reports as long as the case isn’t under investigation or restricted. For traffic accident reports, the requestor must be the listed driver, passenger, authorized representative, or someone filing a claim.

All public records requests must be made in writing with the requestor’s signature. Our department will process your request within three business days, excluding holidays. If this deadline isn’t possible or the records are inaccessible, we’ll provide a written explanation.

For report copies, complete the public records request form at the police department or by clicking the link below then deliver, mail, fax, or email it back for processing. Please include the case number or detailed information to assist in determining the correct case. Full names, dates of birth and incident, location, and nature are important.

All examinations and copies made are subject to charge with prepayment required for any records-related activities. A complete fee schedule is listed on the records request form.

Special Needs Identification Book

Parents and caregivers of special needs children and adults can submit information and current photo to the police department where it’ll be added to a book in our dispatch center. The Special Needs Identification Book is a tool to assist in the identification and location of children and adults with mental and physical disabilities who wander away from their homes or care facilities or unable to communicate with others. If one of these individuals is reported missing or found wandering, their information stored in the book would help law enforcement personnel identify and return them home.

This is a free service. To include a child or adult in the Special Needs Book, complete an information sheet at the police department or by clicking here. For further questions, please call the department or send an email to

Vacation Checks

Those planning a vacation can request police officers to check on their home while they’re away from the residence. Call the police department’s nonemergency line one day prior to or the day of departure to request a free vacation check. Please be prepared to provide your return date, emergency contact, and information about any visitors or vehicles expected to be at the residence during the vacation dates. To make a request, call 208-773-3517.

VIN Inspections

The department will no longer go to homes for VIN inspections.

If you would like the department to do a VIN inspection the vehicle must be brought to the department: Monday’s between 8am-10am or Friday’s between 8am -10am

Fee’s must be either prepaid online or paid through our records department with the receipt in hand.


You Are Not Alone (YANA) Program

This free services is primarily designed for our community’s senior citizens, handicapped, and homebound to provide daily phone contact to individuals living alone with limited family or community contacts.

Police department volunteers make phone calls to check on and converse with those enrolled in YANA. If there’s no answer after multiple attempts, a police officer is dispatched to the residence to verify their welfare.

Anyone who resides within the department’s jurisdiction and lives alone, is ambulatory and able to use the telephone, and has an emergency contact may participate. Applications are available at the police department or by clicking here.

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