Community Service

Community Services consists of one sworn patrol officer and a non-sworn position, primarily responsible for code enforcement of city ordinances such as parking, abandoned vehicles, business signage, and alcohol and catering licenses.

CS-000Community Services partners with the city to review and develop city ordinances that are less confusing for citizens and current with the direction of the city’s development. Our community services officer assists the Post Falls City Community Development Division and the Planning and Zoning Commission with regards to the city’s strategic plan. The community services officer is also a member of the Post Falls Development Review Committee, which assists the city with revitalization and new construction needs.

CS-001Community Services addresses many overgrown weeds and grass violations throughout the city. Vacant properties contribute to this problem. Community Services spends countless hours tracking down responsible lender institutions and property owners in order to gain compliance. Community Services also improved several unsightly properties with visible trash and multiple vehicles and trailers parked on the premises.

Community Services also handles crime prevention, public relations and presentations, home owner associations, residential and business alarms, tow company inspections, neighborhood watch and more.

CS-002Weekly, the community services officer visits the Post Falls Senior Center to inform our senior population about current issues, answer questions, and listen to their concerns. Community Services educated businesses and home owners to resolve alarm issues and fix equipment prior to being issued fines for alarm violations.


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