We are very fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteer Chaplains serving the Post Falls Police Department.  Our Chaplain program was expanded in 2010 by adding one additional Chaplain bringing this unit to four.

Our Chaplains are a tremendous asset to the Department, performing death notifications, counseling and assisting in watching children until proper agencies are notified. The Chaplains spend many hours at the Police Department and riding along with officers during their shifts.

The Chaplains visit members of the Department who are sick or in the hospital; they help provide meals and rides for those who have been hospitalized, plus needed assistance once they return home.  Additionally, they serve as an excellent resource for employees experiencing difficult times in either their professional or personnel lives.

In 2010, the Chaplains joined the new Critical Incident Debriefing (C.I.D.) Team receiving training relevant to the needs of the Police Department.  To contact our Chaplains please email them at or call 208 773-3517.

We are truly blessed to have an active group of Chaplains.

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