Secure Your Home

Residential burglary is rarely planned in advanced and is usually more a crime of opportunity.  When given the opportunity, burglars often pick hopes that appear to be easy, safe targets. There are several steps you can take to deter burglars or make it more difficult to break into your home.  If a break-in does still occur, several steps will help to minimize your losses and improve recovery.  As always, if you are the victim of a burglary, then Post Falls Police is here to help at 208-773-3517.

Boosting Residential Security

The first and most important step in booting residential security is to conduct a thorough security assessment.  This includes looking at your house during the day and night, testing security, assessing weaknesses, and developing plans to overcome those weaknesses.  Some plans to bolster residential security may include

  • Organize a burglary: have a trusted friend or neighbor come over and search your house for a few minutes and collect valuables. After they are done, discuss how easy it was to find valuables so you may hide them better from potential future burglars
  • Remove the ‘hidden’ house key: if you think to hide a key somewhere, a burglar may also think of the same place
  • Add security signs: even if you don’t pay for a monthly service, signs may deter burglars
  • Keep your house well lit, use timers for lights when vacationing
  • Eliminate hiding spots: landscaping that is to talk may be an ideal hiding spot for burglars

Home Security While on Vacation

Leaving town doesn’t have to mean leaving your home security up to chance.  A house or apartment left empty while the residents traveling is a tempting target for criminals.  The following tips may provide valuable while you relax on the beach or visit grandma.

  • Ask a friend to help: this may be house sitting or even just stopping by to water plants and collect mail
  • Be careful what you post: burglars may have access to your public social media and giving detailed plans may let them know when your house will be unattended
  • Let the police know when you are leaving: many departments, including ours, will provide extra patrol while you’re out of town and can notify you of anything suspicious. Feel free to call Post Falls Police at 208-773-3517 and ask us about our Property Watch program!
  • Don’t leave the lights on all the time, instead invest in light timers
  • Stop your mail

Home Security Systems

It may be beneficial to invest in a home security system that is monitored 24/7.  These systems work to notify you and the police in the event of an intrusion.  Home security systems range from very affordable to more expensive with more features, be sure to research the best security system for you and choose accordingly, also be sure to check with your home insurance provider as many give a discount on your monthly premium when you use a home security system.