Protect Your Children

Children depend on many adults as they grow up. Unfortunately, children are also vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, and abduction by waywardly individuals who take advantage of their inherent trust and naivety. They are often faced with situations that affect their development.

Parents and guardians should provide education and guidance to prepare children to make the best decisions possible regarding their personal safety. A challenge of doing this is teaching kids to be cautious without instilling fear or anxiety. But there are effective, even fun, ways to give children helpful information and empowering messages - talking to children about safety works.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

As adults, we are responsible for the well-being and protection of the children in our care. Child sexual abuse is an adult issue. We have the ability to make proactive choices that protect children and keep them safe from sexual abuse. This link provides guidelines and practical actions adults can take to help prevent child sexual abuse:

Preventing Child Abduction

How can I stop this from happening to my child? That is one of the most common questions parents ask when they hear about child abduction. Many parents talk to their children about stranger danger, yet unknowingly neglect to discuss family member abductions. This link provides information about preventing child abductions, including common tricks abductors use to lure children.

Child ID Resources

Each year, children run away, are abducted or lost. Child ID kits give authorities vital information to assist their efforts in locating a missing child. The kits allow parents to easily record the physical characteristics, fingerprints, and DNA of their children, which is then secured in the home. Should the child go missing, a parent or guardian can rapidly provide the information to law enforcement. Here’s a link to the National Child Identification Program, a partnership between the FBI and American Football Coaches Association: