Phone Scam Alert

Based on a recent citizen report, a phone scam has likely hit our area.

According to online information, 661-748-0240 is a Skype number used by cyber criminals to fool unaware people and swindle their money. Once someone answers their phone, the caller starts telling about bogus problems and needs immediate payment to fix.

A tactic often targeted at the elderly is to claim a family member is jailed and needs bail money. The other common angle, the caller claims to be from a legitimate source, such as the person’s Internet Service Provider or Microsoft, and attempts to gain remote connection to the computer system by alleging the computer has been infected with viruses and malware. The caller’s story may vary, but the intent is to fraudulently obtain funds.

The number identified as being associated to this scam is 661-748-0240. Please be cautious about answering a call coming in from this number.


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