Keep Your Pets Safe

Pets are family members. They deserve to be cared for and protected the same as any other member of your family. To keep your pet safe and healthy, it’s important to know what is normal for your pet to recognize when something is wrong. In addition, steps should be taken to keep them comfortable during extreme temperatures and prevent the likelihood of becoming lost or stolen. As pet owners, it’s your responsibility to protect them and make decisions in their best interest.

Warm Weather Tips

Dogs and cats don’t sweat. Both are also prone to heat stroke. It can be a struggle for them to keep cool when summer temperatures soar. Instinctively, they care for themselves by staying out of the sun, being inactive, drinking water, and panting. These will be ineffective, however, if your pet is stuck inside a roasting house or vehicle or unable to find adequate shade and water while they’re outside. For tips on how to cool your dog or cat down in the summer, click here:

Cold Weather Tips

Although dogs and cats spend much of their time living outdoors, pet owners must plan for extreme temperatures whether hot or cold. Winter is a season of bitter cold and numbing wetness in many areas of the country. Here are a few guidelines to ensure your pet is safe and warm until spring arrives:

Preventing Yard Escapes

Some dog’s ability to escape from the backyard is highly frustrating to pet owners. It can seem like a never-ending attempt to keep your dog confined in the yard with concern that their escape has possible tragic consequences. You’re liable for any damage or injury your dog may cause, and you’ll pay a fine if animal control impounds your loose dog. First, you need to find out how your dog is escaping then why. For suggestions, click here: