Be a Safer Driver

A safe driving mindset starts before someone gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. When drivers fully prepare their vehicle for a trip and refrain from aggressive and distracted driving, the chances of a collision are greatly reduced. Older and teenage drivers may experience some additional challenges. Never drive while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or certain medications. Refrain from texting while driving and wear your seatbelt. All drivers must take responsibility and make choices that keep everyone safe on the roadways.

Senior Citizen Drivers

As people age, the ability to safely drive a vehicle may diminish. Physical changes occur such as stiff joints and slowed reflexes. Eyesight and hearing isn’t as sharp, and mental impairments such as early stages of dementia affect memory and decision-making skills. Here is some information for older drivers and their family and friends to consider:

Teenage Drivers

Novice drivers need to build their skills while minimizing risk, and parents in particular play a critical role in teen driver safety when they set rules and monitor their activities. Cell phones and vehicle passengers create an easy distraction. Nighttime driving tends to be risky for teenage drivers as well. Here are a few safe driving techniques all teenage drivers can implement:

Prevent Distracted Driving

As a general rule, if you’re unable to devote your full attention to driving because of another activity, it’s a distraction. Take care of things before or after your trip, or pull off the road in a safe location. Most distractions are avoidable. Driving requires your full attention to keep you and other drivers safe. Here’s a list of some top distractions to eliminate: