Victim Service Unit

Victim Services provides support and resources to any victim of a crime and specializes in domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.
Our department’s Victim Services is staffed with two full-time crime victim advocates, Bridget Eismann and Christine Jones, a program director, Captain Greg McLean, a program supervisor, Detective Dave Beck, and an appointed domestic violence investigator, Detective John Mason.

Victim Services has information and referrals for crime victim compensation, support groups, legal aid, personal safety, and emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Crime victim advocates are always available through a 24-hour crisis hotline.

Victim Services brochure (PDF)

Crime victim advocates also provide community outreach and education to local businesses and schools. In 2014, there were 954 kindergarten and first-grade students introduced to the Hands Are Not for Hitting activity workbook. And 250 second-graders received the You Don’t Have to be Bullied activity workbook. The Post Falls High School Key Club assisted the crime victim advocates in the instruction of these curriculums, and the partnership was a great experience for everyone involved.

At the end of November, St. Vincent de Paul of North Idaho contacted Victim Services for assistance in providing personal safety alarms for the tenants in their senior and disabled rental properties. The request arose after several break-in attempts. Victim Services purchased 70 personal safety alarms for the residents living at Meadow Glen II, The Lynn Peterson House, and The John O’Brien House.

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