Block Watch Program

In Post Falls, we have citizens who come together to form Block Watch groups in their neighborhoods. These groups play a vital role in crime prevention within our city.

Block Watch groups are fun! You can have block parties in the summer, barbeques, and make friends! In each Block Watch group, a captain is selected so the police department has a main contact to keep in touch with and send information to that the neighborhood residents might need to know about. Being part of a Block Watch is different than in the past. It does not require a daily walk through your neighborhood. We encourage you to socialize with your neighbors and get to know a bit about them and the vehicles that are usually at their home. If you see something out of the ordinary, you can call the police. Block Watch groups have been proven to help prevent crime and catch criminals.

On our website's home page, there is a link titled PFPD Email Dispatch. You can sign up for email updates from the police department such as Block Watch updates, crime information, quarterly newsletters, and any other information that we need to get out to you.

We started having a Block Watch meeting for captains twice a year. This is useful to the captains and the police department to hear what is going on in each neighborhood and keep in contact with our Block Watch captains.

We can set up a meeting with all of your neighbors who are interested in starting a Block Watch group. We can have the meeting at the police department or at a home in your neighborhood. If you are interested in starting a Block Watch, call Ofc. Annette Clark at 208-773-3517 or email to

To download an application to become a Block Watch representative for your neighborhood, click on the link below:

PFPD Block Watch Representative Application

To read our Block Watch Newsletter, click on the link below:

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Second Qtr 2017 Block Watch Newsletter

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Second Qtr 2016 Block Watch Newsletter

First Qtr 2016 Block Watch Newsletter

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