Thank you so much! My little man had such a good experience and was so excited! I really appreciate it. I love how they put such a good priority on our special needs community and their safety, and how the Post Falls Police Department really do love their community. Thank you for everything, and for your service, and taking time out of your work day to meet my little boy and give him a FANTASTIC first experience. fLOOD


I also want to add, I've never seen this little boy so excited in my life. It really brought so much joy to my heart. As a single mother, I try my hardest to fill my sons life with as much excitement and joy as humanly possible. But yesterday, this very kind and very generous officer did it for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. And I hope that I can continue to help Josiah build a relationship with our police officers. Not just because it'll keep him safe, but because it makes him so happy.

Ashley ,