Crime-fighting has gone high-tech and mobile in Post Falls as residents can now report criminal activity via text messages. The Post Falls Police Department has launched a new system that allows individuals to email or text information to the Police Department Communications Center through their cell phones to


The system will provide reassurance to individuals familiar with texting and email while allowing the Police Department to gain valuable information regarding crimes that may be occurring in the City.

"It's obvious that the future of communication is texting," said Police Chief, Scot Haug. "You look at young people today and that's the method of communication. "Text messaging is here, and everybody's using it, “we're just looking for new ways to get information to solve crimes."


The Post Falls Police Department's text-messaging system for crime reporting is one of the first in Idaho. When a citizen texts information into the Police Department, a dispatcher will receive the information and dispatch an officer if the crime is in progress. "It may be a drug deal, it could be any kind of criminal activity," Chief Haug said.

To report a crime, citizens can send a message to crime@pfpd.us. After the text message is sent, the message displays on a computer screen in the Police Department's Emergency Communications Center. We believe texting crime tips will catch on with young people – hopefully generating more leads for police.

This service may be especially valuable to hearing impaired citizens is available as they will be able to text the police and not have to rely on a relay service or TDD, Telecommunication Device for the Deaf.

We would like to remind citizens that this is not an alternative to 911. If you need emergency assistance you still need to call 911.

How to send us a text message:

  • From your phone use your SMS (short messaging service) or texting function. (160 characters max).
  • Send to: crime@pfpd.us
  • Compose your message.
  • Attach a photo or video if applicable.
  • Hit send.
  • Police will respond if appropriate


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