PFPD 2019 Annual Report

It is my pleasure to present the Post Falls Police Department's 2019 Annual Report. With this report, our goal is to provide you with a snapshot of the work completed by your police department.

I would like to commend our entire team for their outstanding efforts, dedication to service and community; they display great strength and unity in working to accomplish our policing mission.

Each and every day I am proud to serve the City and this Department. We rely on your support, confidence, and enthusiastic interest in helping the Department advance its vision and mission.

2019 remained a very challenging year for law enforcement across Idaho and throughout the country. Although incidents continued to divide communities, we saw unification and collaboration with our community through a variety of outreach efforts outlined in this report.

In closing, I am grateful for all of our employees and volunteers here at the Post Falls Police Department and we appreciate the continued support we receive from each of you.

Pat M. Knight
Chief of Police

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