Daily Crime and Arrest Logs

You can download the daily crime and arrest logs from the Post Falls Police Department.

They are in PDF  format and will be updated Monday - Friday.

There are two different reports.  The Arrest Report will give you a list of all arrest that were made. The Daily Report will list all reports that were taken on various contacts with the public.





11-16-17 Crime Log

11-16-17 Arrest Log 

11-15-17 Crime Log 

11-15-17 Arrest Log 

11-14-17 Crime Log

11-14-17 Arrest Log 

11-13-17 Crime Log 

11-13-17 Arrest Log

11-12-17 Crime Log 

11-12-17 Arrest Log 

11-11-17 Crime Log

11-11-17 Arrest Log 

11-10-17 Crime Log 

11-10-17 Arrest Log

11-09-17 Crime Log

11-09-17 Arrest Log 



































































































































































































































































































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