Frequently Asked Questions

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May 5, 2011 - 3:19:26 PM

Contacting the Post Falls Police Department

I need to find the phone number for a particular section/unit within the Police Department.

Click here for the Department Directory


Attention Patch Collectors

If you are interested in obtaining a Post Falls Police uniform patch, please make the request via US mail. Because of the high demand for patches the Post Falls Police Department currently charges $5.00 per patch. Patch requests should be made to:

Post Falls Police Department
Attention: Carol Nettles
1717 E. Polston Ave.
Post Falls, Idaho 83854
If you have further questions about obtaining a uniform patch, please feel free to contact Carol Nettles via e-mail. 

I would like to write a letter to the Chief or someone else in the Police Department. How should I address it?
Post Falls Police Department
1717 E. Polston Ave.
Post Falls, Idaho 83854

Reporting a Crime or Problem

When do I call 9-1-1 ?
To get help for someone who is hurt.
If you see someone taking something that belongs to someone else.
If you see someone hurting someone else.
If you smell or see a fire.
When NOT to call 9-1-1
Never call 9-1-1 as a joke.
Never call 9-1-1 to ask for information.
Never call 9-1-1 to see if it works.

What is the Non-Emergency number for the Post Falls Police Department?
The non-emergency number to report a crime not in progress, is (208) 773-3517.

What should you do if you see a crime occurring?
Call 911, get as much information as possible. I.e. Location, description etc.

What should you do if you have information about a crime that you believe has occurred, but you want to remain anonymous?
Contact the Post Falls Police Department at (208) 773-3517 or use the TIP page to send an anonymous tip to a detective.

Where can I get fingerprinted?
The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office provides fingerprinting services. Please contact them for hours and fees. 

How do I apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon (gun permits)?
Concealed weapons permits are obtained at the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department. 

I want to get involved in and/or start a Block Watch.
Contact the Detectives Division is you are interested in joining or starting a block watch program in your area. 

I want to get involved in and/or learn more about the Police Reserve Program.
For information on the Post Falls Police Department Reserve program contact Officer Dave Marshall or Pat Eismann. 

Who can obtain a copy of a police report?
To obtain an unredacted copy of a traffic accident report, you must be listed as the driver, passenger, or an authorized representative of the people listed in the report or someone filing a claim. 
To obtain a copy of a property or person crime report, you must provide a case number or other information to assist in identifying the incident. The report may be released if it is not under investigation or restricted. 

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
Come to the Post Falls Police Department located at 1717 E. Polston Avenue.  
You will need to complete a request form, which states your interest in the police report. Please include the case number or detailed information to assist us in determining the correct case number. 

How much will it cost? How can I pay for it?
You will be notified if there will be a cost involved and what that cost will be prior to the request being processed.  All fees, with the exception of photos, will be paid prior to the request being fulfilled.   
If the labor to locate and copy the records exceeds two hours, there will be a labor charge of $15.00 per hour, including the first two hours, in addition to the cost, per page, as stated below. 
There is no charge for a request that generates less than 20 pages. 
Requests that generate 20 - 100 pages will be charged $.05 per page, starting with the first page.  
Requests that generate more than 100 pages will be charged $.10 per page, starting with the first page. 
When a copy of an audio or videotape is requested, the requestor will be instructed to provide a corresponding blank tape in order to process the request. 
When copies of photos are requested, the requestor may pay for the prints when they pick them up.  Scanned copies may be provided at the discretion of the Police Department. 
If applicable: Make your check or money order payable to the City of Post Falls.

Can I request a police or accident report by mail?
Yes. You can request a copy of a report by completing the attached records request form and mailing it to the Post Falls Police Department.  If the report is over 10 pages, there will be a charge of .20 cents a page, (which will include page #1 and all additional pages).
Please send your request, along with a self addressed stamped envelope to: Post Falls Police Department, Attention: Records Department, 1717 E. Polston Ave., Post Falls, ID 83854. 

How do I find out if my car has been towed, repossessed or impounded?
Call the Post Falls Police Department at (208) 773-3517. Please be prepared to provide the license plate number or the vehicle identification number (VIN). 
Also any information that the officer issued to the person who was last driving your car when it was impounded is helpful. If you do not know the license plate or VIN, please check your paperwork (such as the pink slip, vehicle repair receipts or insurance papers) that you may have. 

How much will it cost? How can I pay for it?
You will be given the tow company's name and phone number to call for the tow company's payment policy.

How you can prevent your vehicle from being impounded?
Do not drive if you have a suspended driver's license, unless your type of suspension states you can drive under certain circumstances. 
Do not loan your vehicle to an unlicensed driver or a person with a suspended driver's license. You will be financially responsible. 
Do not operate the vehicle if you are not appropriately licensed. Certain vehicles require special endorsements, such as motorcycles. 
How do I report my vehicle stolen?  
Call the Post Falls Police Department at (208) 773-3517.
What if my vehicle was repossessed?
You must contact the legal owner (lien holder) of the vehicle. Generally, this is the person or company to which you make your payments. 

How do I find out if someone has been arrested?
Call the Kootenai County Public Safety Building (jail) at (208)446-1400. 

How do I find out if I have warrants for my arrest?
Call the Kootenai County Public Safety Building (jail) at (208)446-1400

How do I add information to my police report?
Call the Post Falls Police Department at (208)773-3517.

I've received a Traffic Education Summons, now what do I do?
T he post Falls Police Department currently runs approximately 2 traffic safety education classes a month. If you have received a summons for traffic school please keep in mind the following information.
You may attend class only if you have received a PINK Traffic Education Summons. This citation's number begins with “PFT”.

If you received a regular, WHITE, traffic citation please follow the instructions on the citation.

Come in person to the police department to sign up for a class date and time within two weeks of receiving you summons. Usually, there is a Tuesday evening and Saturday morning class available. However, these classes fill up and one or the other may not be available.

Bring cash or check to pay for your class when you sign up. The class fee is $75.00. At this time the police department cannot take credit or debit cards.

Make sure and attend the class that you have signed up for. Reschedules are limited to one and sometimes require authorization from a patrol sergeant.

How do I find out more about the Special Needs Program offered by the Police Department?
Did you know that that Post Falls Police Department has a tool to assist in the identification and location of children and adults with mental and physical disabilities who wander away from their homes or care facilities?  Click on the links below for more information.